North Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group – The New Structure! The New People! Same Old Clichés!

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April 3, 2013 by Protect Our NHS

Dear Colleague
As you will know, the reorganisation of the NHS culminates on 1st April, with the abolition of our Primary Care Trust, NHS North Somerset and the ‘going live’ of new North Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group.
It has been a long, challenging and complicated journey for clinicians, carers, staff, community and voluntary sector leaders across our patch, each of whom has made a valuable contribution to the redesign of local health services, to ensure that the new plans for the local NHS will deliver safe, responsive, high quality and affordable services, services that we believe will see our patients achieve health outcomes up there with the very best in the country.

From April 1st, our North Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group under the leadership of Lay Chair Kathy Headdon and Chief Clinical Officer Dr Mary Backhouse will take over responsibility for the commissioning and planning of new NHS health services for the local North Somerset population.
The vision and philosophy which underpins and drives our work, is our commitment to ‘creating the healthiest community together’ and we aim to ensure that we translate that aim into practical reality with the help, partnership and support of patients, their families, carers and voluntary groups, as well as NHS staff and other key stakeholders, each of whom who will play a vital role in the shaping and delivery of future healthcare services across North Somerset.
I want to use this opportunity to provide you all with details of how to contact us from April 1st onwards:
Chief Clinical Officer: Dr Mary Backhouse Chair Designate: Kathy Headdon Creating the Healthiest Community Together
PO Box 247 Castlewood Tickenham Road Clevedon BS21 6BH Tel: 01275 546770
26th March 2013 Ref: KD
Website: Telephone: General Enquiries E-mail:
01275 546770
Many of the staff within the CCG will be familiar to you, but their email address will be changing. Old PCT email addresses will continue to work for a while, but I would ask that you update your address books to reflect people’s new email accounts. That means changing from:
Yours sincerely
Dr Mary Backhouse Chief Clinical Officer
Tel: 01275 546680 Email:
Chief Clinical Officer: Dr Mary Backhouse Creating the Healthiest Community Together
Chair Designate: Kathy Headdon


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