The Bristol Group’s Questions to the CCG on 5th March. Answers Expected at the next CCG Meeting on 9th April.

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April 3, 2013 by Protect Our NHS

Questions put to Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group – March 5th 2013

Q1. Bearing in mind the national patient, public and clinical response and, indeed outrage, to the recently published Section 75 regulations, which will have the effect of forcing through privatisation regardless of the will of local people, would the CCG support the response from Dr Michael Dixon, interim president of NHS Clinical Commissioners, who says the Government must change the wording of its rules over the use of competition, or risk GPs deserting the entire clinical commissioning process.

Q2. There is real acknowledgement that the CCG listened to petitioners and clinicians by including some amendments from 38 Degrees in the revised constitution. It feels that patients have been listened to. Could you let us know before the next Board meeting what is the CCG’s response and position regarding the amendments that have not yet been included in the revised constitution?

• Under ‘Values’, para. 4.4.1 “disclosing upon request all information that can lawfully be disclosed, rather than simply all such information that must be disclosed”.
• Para. 4.4.2 regarding
o “publicising meetings of the CCG well in advance on the CCG’s website, the local press and in local libraries and GPs’ surgeries”.
o “publishing all its commissioning policies and decisions and consultation exercises on its website”.
o “holding a number of events each year with local people and organisations to explain the progress and work of the CCG”.
• Under 5.2.1. regarding public involvement
o “Working with as wide as possible cross-section of the people who use or who may use the services provided, and the groups which may represent such people, to provide them with information about the services provided by the CCG in a variety of ways, tailored to the needs of the local community. The CCG will consult as widely as it can on planning and development of services, and take into account the views expressed when making decisions”.
• Under
o Transparency in Procuring services “there is a commitment to consult with the public before going out to tender to the private sector
• Under 8.6.4 “information about the CCG’s key communications can be inspected at the CCG headquarters, which will be provided to local libraries and will be sent upon request by email to local organisations and individuals”.


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