Important – How to opt-out of It’s your medical records and your life. Look after it!


January 17, 2014 by Protect Our NHS

If you have decided to opt out of then it’s very easy to do so.

First, download an opt-out form:

A PDF leaflet can be found here: This can be printed double-sided and folded (fits in a DL envelope)

An opt-out form available in .pdf, .doc or .rtf format is also available from

Your GP surgery may have its own opt-out form downloadable from its website.

There is no “official” or mandatory opt-out form that you are obliged to use, whether produced by the HSCIC or anyone else.

It doesn’t matter which form you use.

Fill a form in, and hand it into, post it to, email it to or fax it to your GP surgery.

That’s it. Simple.

The two opt-codes (9Nu0 and 9Nu4) will be added by your surgery, no questions asked. And your data will be protected.

Don’t forget to opt-out your children, or those for whom you have parental responsibility, as well.

If you prefer, you can just write a letter to your surgery, or even email them if they allow it.

State that you wish to opt-out of
Request that both the 9Nu0 and 9Nu4 codes are added to your GP records
Remember to include full names and DOBs (and your address if you are happy to)


Do not make an appointment with your GP
Do not arrange to see your GP surgery’s Practice Manager
Do not ring your GP or GP surgery

just to opt-out, you do not need to do this.

If you opt-out now you can opt-in at any time in the future – if you are happy to, when you are happy to, and at a time of your choosing. It’s your data, you should be in control.

The NHS England leaflet entitled “Better information means better care” that all households are receiving by junk mail deliberately does not include an opt-out form.

Do print off copies of an opt-out form and give to your family, friends and colleagues, or email it to them, send them the link to this site (or to medConfidential), or share this information on social media sites.

It should be as easy as possible for everyone who wishes to opt-out of to do so.

Detailed information about can be found at

This information has been provided by:
Dr Neil Bhatia, GP and Caldicott Guardian for the Oaklands Practice in Yateley.

3 thoughts on “Important – How to opt-out of It’s your medical records and your life. Look after it!

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