Flash Choir to Thank the NHS – Wednesday, Bristol BRI, 1.30pm


July 15, 2014 by Protect Our NHS

More than 100 singers, many from community choirs in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset, have been rehearsing under the leadership of well-known local choir teacher, Wendy Sergeant, and on Wednesday 16th at 1.30pm, they will come together outside the Bristol Royal Infirmary for a few minutes to sing out a huge THANK YOU FOR THE CARE to NHS staff.

And we believe the staff need and deserve our thanks. The NHS has been under terrible pressure for the last four years. It has faced cuts of £20 billion and faces a further £30 billion of cuts before 2020. Its doctors have been criticised and attacked, its nurses have been demonised and overworked, its ancillary staff underpaid, and 70% of all new service contracts since 2010 have gone out to private health companies who try to make profits from our illnesses. But through it all the staff have kept working and kept providing round the clock care to anyone in need, however poor, however rich – and we think it’s time we said THANK YOU!
We will have stewards wearing Hi Vis jackets on site for the few minutes of The Big Sing to ensure that access routes into or out of hospital entrances are kept clear and that normal activity is not disrupted.
For further information please contact:
Sue Kilroe on: 07837 441475 or Steve Timmins on: 07841 238588


Notes for Editors:
The Big Sing Flash Choir will be singing, Thank you for the Care, an adaptation of Ray Davies’ beautiful song, Thank you for the Days. Original choir arrangement by Nickomo. Words by Kelvin MacDonald Fraser and Steve Timmins.

Wendy Sergeant worked in the NHS as a nurse and a manager before developing her new career as a choir leader in the West Country. Apart from leading community choirs in North Somerset, she co-runs a weekly “Singing for the Brain” group for people with Dementia and their carers in Clevedon and runs a choir at Penny Brohn Cancer Care for people with cancer, their loved ones and anyone connected to the charity. For more details please see: http://wendysergeant.vpweb.co.uk/Home.html.

One thought on “Flash Choir to Thank the NHS – Wednesday, Bristol BRI, 1.30pm

  1. Geoff Woolfe says:

    I cannot be there as I’m not well…. I hope that the A and E staff can hear you… they were absolutely brilliant last Saturday night and Sunday morning!

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