64 Bristol GPs go public on the £7m lost to Care UK at the Emersons Green Treatment Centre


February 3, 2015 by Protect Our NHS

Open letter to the Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Replacement services when the current contract for Emersons Green Independent Sector Treatment Centre (ISTC) ends

We understand that the current contract with Care UK for the Emersons Green Independent Sector Treatment Centre ends in October 2015 and that this contract will not be renewed.

As local general practitioners (GPs) we are pleased that this gives the Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) the opportunity to formulate new contractual arrangements. We have extensive experience of referring patients to the Emersons Green Centre and we believe the current contract has many serious flaws.

Bristol CCG Governing Body papers indicate that by the end of this financial year the ‘underuse’ of the ISTC will have resulted in the shameful loss of over £7 million of local NHS funds over a three-year period. In other words Care UK will have received an additional £7 million, over and above the payment for services actually provided.

This dreadful financial outcome is due to the fracturing of patient care that private contracts of this kind inevitably produce. For example:
• Referral to the ISTC involves time-consuming guidelines
• The ISTC ‘cherry picks’ patients, leaving the NHS to treat more complex cases.
• Referral back to the ISTC for post-operative complications or rehabilitation is difficult or impossible, which results in serious delays for patients and extra work for GPs and NHS secondary care.
• The medical staff at the ISTC are unknown to us, not integrated into local health care networks, and difficult to contact and consult regarding individual patient treatment.
• The ISTC is not contractually obliged to provide training of clinical staff – this is left to the NHS to do.

When the current contract ends, we urge Bristol CCG to make new arrangements which have none of the above flaws and which integrate the services into the local NHS without the need for the participation of private companies.

Dr Louise Apthorpe Dr Kate Lewis
Dr Geraldine Badger Dr Tim Mitchell
Dr Andrew Blythe Dr Joanne Mobbs
Dr David Cheang Dr Ray Montague
Dr Mick Chimenti Dr Katharine Morgan
Dr Elizabeth Clark Dr Ylva Müller-Mellin
Dr Jeff Clark Dr Gemma Murray
Dr Rebecca Collis Dr Helen Mutch
Dr James Cross Dr Arul Neel
Dr Kevin Curry Dr Guy Norfolk
Dr Hugh Davies Dr Patricia O’Neill
Dr Rob Douglas Dr Tim Percival
Dr Gillian Elstow Dr Caroline Perkins
Dr Elizabeth Evans Dr Vicky Pitts
Dr Mike Eyres Dr David Porteous
Dr Hilary Farey Dr Douglas Redpath
Prof Gene Feder Dr Chris Ree
Dr Nicola Flemming Dr John Reid
Dr Claire Gillvray Dr Megan Rowland
Dr Matthew Goldie Dr Lee Salkeld
Dr Amy Goodfellow Dr Christopher Sharples
Dr Rachel Goodger Dr Nick Snelling
Dr Rachel Grech Dr Karl Stainer
Dr Elizabeth Grimshaw Dr Mike Taylor
Dr Sarah Hadfield Dr Dominique Thompson
Dr Rebecca Hennessy Dr Laura Todd
Dr Iain Hine Dr Alison Vassallo
Dr Michelle Jones Dr Helen Wehner
Dr Yealand Kalfayan Dr Claire Winstanley
Dr Will Klinkenberg Dr Shahida Yaqub
Dr Ruth Knight Dr Chris Yerbury
Dr Sue Latham Dr Catherine Zollman

2 thoughts on “64 Bristol GPs go public on the £7m lost to Care UK at the Emersons Green Treatment Centre

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