Five questions to put to your parliamentary candidates

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March 29, 2015 by Protect Our NHS

David Cameron has made repeated claims that the NHS is ‘safe in our hands’. Other major political parties have made similar statements. If you want to protect and develop our NHS, here are 5 questions for you to put to the parliamentary candidates you encounter on your doorstep or during election hustings:

1. Does your party support a public NHS, where patient health comes before any company’s profit, standards are high and all staff are valued and fairly paid?

If the party doesn’t support these principles and also fails to recognise that NHS staff are its most valuable asset, then our NHS is clearly not ‘safe in its hands’. 40,000 health staff currently receive less than the living wage. Many are having to use food banks and rely on in-work benefits to get by

2. Do you have any interests in or financial links to private health care or private health insurance companies? For example do you have private health insurance?

Over 70 MPs and over 140 Lords have financial links to individual and companies involved in private health care. If they have a vested interest in private health care, how can they be relied on to promote our NHS as a public service?

3. Will your party fully repeal the 2012 Health and Social Care Act that opened up the NHS to enforced competition and privatisation?

This Act allows private companies to ‘cherry pick’ NHS services and to drain money from the NHS in terms of profits. If allowed to continue, this process of costly and damaging privatisation of our NHS will be irreversible.

4. Will your party ensure that the NHS is exempt from TTIP (the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) treaty

TTIP is a massive trade deal currently being secretly negotiated by the European Union and the USA, which aims to create new markets by opening up public services to competition. If the NHS is not excluded, it will be directly under threat from American and other multi-national corporations & full privatisation will inevitably follow

5. Is your party committed to re-instating the NHS fully, committed to funding it from public taxation and committed to ensuring it adapts to society’s changing health and social care needs?

Unless the party has a vision for a future NHS that is based on these principles then our NHS cannot be said to be ‘safe in its hands’

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