Post-election poem: Someone is stealing our NHS

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May 11, 2015 by Protect Our NHS

Someone is stealing our NHS.
I can’t believe this, it’s wrong.
I’ve paid all my life for this wonderful thing
Now it’s going to be sold for a song

To greedy old sods who are rich,
And don’t care a jot who they hurt.
They’ll sell of the land and sack all the staff
And leave us to rot in the dirt

They’ll charge us a fortune for stuff that we need
And pocket the profits from this
A heart bypass will cost you your home
This surely is taking the piss

Assets are stripped and we won’t get it back
Don’t know what we had till it’s gone
Like fuel and gas the prices will rise
What we lose over time just goes on

They hover like vultures and dribble and drool
And think of the fortunes they’ll make
The poor and the old, the mentally ill, the young
Will be left for they won’t have a stake

Who are they, the fools who act in such haste?
To destroy such a beautiful concept
They live next door or just up the road
Yes it’s hard to believe or accept

It’s anyone who is getting their health private
Undermining an idea so great
That the entire world wishes they had what we have
Yet it’s not understood by the state

They want us to pay more for the service we get
Like the fools in the States who pay more
And losing your house when the going gets tough
Is a thing that will happen for sure.

So let’s take up arms (and legs) in the fight
To keep what we have and we love
And take on the greedy, the rich who can’t see
This was given to us from above

A greater being created this service
Through Mr Bevan it’s true.
He loved his country and his fellow-man
Take them on, see them off, see it through

Don’t let the people who don’t care a jot
About you and me and our kind
The poor, underprivileged and those who can’t cope
They just turn their backs, pay no mind

Come on, rise up and see what we’re made of
These privatisations a sin
Stand shoulder to shoulder and don’t let them pass
And don’t let the money men win

They’ll take all the land and the buildings
Sell it and walk off with the cash
And we’ll be left as a charity case
That is ailing and thrown in the trash

Call on the liars in parliament
To honour the promise they made
But once in power they just change their minds
It’s just one long disgusting charade.

For we shall all lose in the long run
This system they want is a fake
You and I and our children will lose
For the health of the nations at stake.

harry joe harrison

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“That’s the standard technique of privatization: defund, make sure things don’t work, people get angry, you hand it over to private capital.” Noam Chomsky

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