If you want to help save the world come to TTIP the Musical. Ecopod stage, 5.00pm, Saturday 13th. A production for #Lovethefuture

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June 12, 2015 by Protect Our NHS

TTIP, The Musical

Saturday 13th June at 5.00pm

Ecopod Stage in the City Centre

As Part of

Bristol’s Big Green Week

Giant multinationals are suing countries for trying to protect their own environments – in secret. This short, comic, musical drama shows how they have done this and how The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will make it so much worse.

Already, under existing trade agreements, Veolia has sued the Egyptian Government for setting a minimum wage, Philip Morris has sued the Australian Government for requiring cigarette products to have plain brown paper packaging and Bechtel, the largest construction corporation in the USA, sued the government of Bolivia for loss of profits in a drinking water supply scheme. All these legal actions were taken because of threats to the future profits of these giant multinationals.

And if the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal between the USA and Europe goes ahead, our own NHS could be put at risk. American Corporations want the right to bid for our public services, including the NHS and, unlike other European countries, Britain has not asked for its health service to be exempt from TTIP. Safety standards would also be reduced to ‘harmonise’ with the lower standards in the USA. This could open the floodgates to GM foods, growth hormones in meat, chicken washed in chlorine, and pesticides currently banned in the EU for killing off bees.

The drama stars actor/musician, John Telfer, as the narrator and the chorus includes members of the Protect our NHS choir whose live performances of NHS Protest songs can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/user/ProtectourNHS

John Telfer

John was one of the actor/presenters on ITV children’s show Let’s Pretend, though it was playing DC Willie Pettit in four series of Bergerac for which he is probably better remembered. TV appearances since then have included roles in Without Motive, Casualty, Licence To Live and Skins. He has made hundreds of radio broadcasts, contributing to Radio 4’s Poetry Please among others, and reading short stories on radio and for audio books.

As a musician and composer, John’s musical tastes and abilities are wide-ranging and he now regularly takes time out from acting to concentrate on his musical career. He is lead singer and keyboard player for the Bristol-based rock band AFGM (A Few Good Men), and is one half of a new songwriting/performing duo The Bushido Brothers. As a theatrical composer he has written for, among others, the nationally acclaimed Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory company and The Bristol Old Vic.

His work as a director includes plays with music – such as The Follies of Weston-super-Mare – and opera, notably Die Fledermaus for Bristol Opera. John has also composed music for numerous BBC Radio 4 dramas and for documentaries and children’s programmes for both the BBC and ITV. He has also written the score for four musicals. His favourite theatre role was Salieri in Amadeus – probably because he understood so well the experience of bitter artistic disappointments! John is now a long term fixture in The Archers playing Alan the vicar.

For further information please contact:

Steve Timmins: Mobile: 07841 238588


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