Bristol People’s Assembly March against Austerity. Wednesday 8th July. 5.00 pm at the ‘Cascade Steps’, Bristol City Centre

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July 5, 2015 by Protect Our NHS

On Wednesday 8th July, the Chancellor will be announcing his Emergency Budget.  We all know that he will make further cuts against those who most need help.
Austerity impacts so many of us through the different services we access and so Protect our NHS will be playing a major role in the Bristol People’s Assembly March against Austerity.  We ask you to march with us.
Please gather at 5.00 pm at the ‘Cascade Steps’, Bristol Centre, ready to leave with the main march at 5.30 pm.  We will invite you to wear ‘scrubs’, carry a special Protect our NHS umbrella, perhaps wear a black arm band – or do none of those things!  (If you can’t make it at that time, just join in when you can).
And there will be singing!  We have two new songs against Austerity – ‘We Shall Fight the Cuts’ and ‘Austerity Lie’. There is a link to each of these below (I promise you, you will recognise the tunes!) but we will not sing the whole song – the words you need are attached.  We will sing these throughout the march and we also intend to use an App to make them available on the day.
We Shall Fight the Cuts –

Austerity Lie –
Please join us.  The fight goes on.  




We shall fight the cuts, we shall fight the cuts, we shall fight the cuts today

Oh deep in my heart, I know that I do believe, we shall fight the cuts and win.



And we are singing

Don’t buy the austerity lie. Driving the poor in to the floor and the rich to the sky. Them banker boys drinking in to the night. Singing we’ll live and they will all die. The poor and the disabled can die.

Now we’re singing…

Bye bye to the austerity lie, We’ll bring the rich back down to earth and reduce the divide, No more banker boys drinking in to the night.     Because now is time to start our fight.


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