#NHS IN CRISIS. Use your #GE2017 vote to save & re-build our health service #RegisterToVote


May 10, 2017 by Protect Our NHS

If the Conservatives win on June 8th there will be no NHS as we know it.

Since 2010 they have starved our health service of funds, split it up into competing organisations and encouraged private corporations to run it for their own profit, as in the USA. Dedicated NHS staff are desperately trying to keep patients safe but the cracks are now splitting open – it is now up to YOU to act and vote against this Conservative government.

Theresa May denies there’s a crisis and repeats broken promises. But the facts and your own experiences tell the real story:

Why do we say another Conservative government will finish off the NHS? Look at what they say and what has happened since 2010:

  1. The Conservatives say they are spending more on the NHS, yet their current plans involve huge cutbacks. Bristol region will have £305 million slashed from its health budget by 2020 which will result in fewer hospital beds, less staff, massive cuts in services. We are now spending much less of our wealth on healthcare than other European countries (8.5% v Europe’s 10.1%).
  2. The Conservatives say that competition and privatisation increases efficiency, but this is untrue. The huge increase in managers, accountants and legal advice is estimated to cost at least £4.5 billion a year. Before this market approach was developed, Britain’s NHS was the envy of the world and consistently topped international leagues for efficiency.
  3. The Conservatives say that private is better than public, but better for whom? When a private company gets a NHS contract, its first duty is to make a profit for shareholders and executives. Taxpayers’ money is siphoned off: patients and staff suffer and only the rich benefit. For example, the NHS pays the company Carillion £2 million a month for building and servicing Southmead hospital. The NHS always picks up the tab when private companies get it wrong – 6000 patients a year are admitted as emergencies from private hospitals.
  4. To make up for years of Conservative neglect will require an investment of money. The Conservatives are not interested in investing in increased spending on public services and say the country (the 6th richest in the world) can’t afford it. We say our lives depend on the NHS: we can’t NOT afford it! We need to elect a government that raises funds for the NHS from business and the wealthy. For example, corporate tax avoidance is rife.  £34 billion of tax goes uncollected each year. All the while the rich get ever richer.

You may be someone who doesn’t vote, or feels nothing will help, or someone who has always voted Conservative. But this time, now, June 8th, think what is most important to you, and …

… Use your vote to save and re-build our health service

Register to vote at https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote (by 22nd May)

Come to Protect Our NHS’s public meeting on 18th May “The NHS [Reinstatement] Bill – Saving the NHS from Trump and May


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4 thoughts on “#NHS IN CRISIS. Use your #GE2017 vote to save & re-build our health service #RegisterToVote

  1. Tricia French says:

    I’ll be voting for Labour. I’m already registered to vote.

  2. A rant from me

    PLEASE SHARE if you agree!
    I initially wrote regarding the closure of several small GP practices locally because some of my old surgery’s most vulnerable patients are being forced to move for the second time in 7 months and I believe their safety is being compromised but I have removed names here to prevent any data breaches.
    ______________________________ __________
    From: NHS ENGLAND Doctor
    Sent: 09 May 2017 07:43
    To: Charlotte GP since 1996
    Subject: Re: XXXX

    Thanks Charlotte,
    There is a problem in XXCity with practices closing as the senior GPs hand back their contracts as they are unable to get younger GPs to take over. This is what happened To Dr XXXXXX. XXXXX only ran the practice as an interim whilst the long term future is secured. (NB patients wanted us to remain open, we provided excellent care and were profitable but netiher of us were partners-98% would recommend us in my last CFEP patient survey), I asked them about notes and they have worked to secure direct transfer of notes and cut out the capita issue. (This did not happen they still went to farcically useless Capita!)

    I assume XXX GP surgery is being closed as the people who run it have handed the contract back but that is only my assumption!

    I will speak to contracting as they have a difficult patient group.
    Dr NHS England XXX Region

    On 9 May 2017, at 08:16, Charlotte GP wrote:
    To: NHS England executive
    Subject: Re:Email to a Doctor who an NHS England executive prior to a meeting in London
    Hello XXX
    It is all part of the creep towards the easy to privatise MEGA practice that this Government are aiming towards despite all the horrific stories of private profit making and shareholder accountable (And often Tax dodging like Virgin who pay not UK tax) providers.
    It is a terrible shame.
    Thanks again
    ______________________________ __________
    From: (NHS ENGLAND)
    Sent: 09 May 2017 09:12
    To: Charlotte
    I can’t think why a private company would view running a GP practice as a profit making exercise. Most end up losing money and hence hand back their contracts.
    Then they blame NHSE etc but the truth Is rather different!
    The real shame is that the odds are stacked against the traditional gp model and we (GPs) have been woefully under valued.
    Now GPs are voting with their feet and I fear for the future.
    I am on my way to London for a meeting about GP workforce. I am really keen to try and get our recently retired gps interested in coming back to support the workforce. Any ideas about that would be most welcome!

    Dr XXX
    NHS England XXX Region

    From: Charlotte GP since 1996
    To: NHSE executive
    Sent: Tuesday, 9 May 2017, 12:23
    Subject: Email to NHSE Executive prior to a meeting in London about GP recruitment

    GREAT- I am glad you asked. These are my ideas- all cost effective and easy to achieve with the right political will and if the media was not owned and run by non-dom Tax avoiding Tories and their cronies and the truth was actually getting to the public.

    Firstly, as you know I was a partner at XXX surgery until End April 2015- I was loved by patients and staff and highly valued by my colleagues- I am a patient centred, evidence led and cost effective GP- I left after being off work with burnout for 8 months due to work pressure-17 hour days and reducing services due to the Tory Policies! I thought I would never get back to being a GP. Slowly with help from our excellent Occupational Health Service (now cut by NHSE and replaced by an impersonal telephone number in London) I regained my sense of worth as a GP. I now work VERY parttime mainly as a locum but I was at XXXXX GP surgery for nearly 2 years.

    What we need to happen to tempt people like me back to a permanent role and also retired GPs, along with those who have had a long break from GP due to child care etc, is a DIFFERENT GOVERNMENT with different health and other policies, stopping the corrupt revolving door between private providers and private health care organisations and MPs.

    We need one that gives the NHS the funding it needs along with all the public sector (as was- now often privatised) services such as Social Care, probation, drugs and alcohol services, CMHT, CAMHS (run by Tax avoiding Virgin very badly) and Education etcetc all of which have had MASSIVE budget cuts under the Tories and they impact hugely on our case load.
    We also need Charities such as MIND and St Lukes to get the proper Grants back- again these have been slashed by the Tories.

    We need one that will get rid of the unnecessary and terribly expensive internal market; buy back PFI contracts from struggling hospitals because Government debt is the cheapest interest rate possible and PFI deals have been sold on so many times that costs have rocketed. We need ALL the profit driven private contracts removed from the usually tax dodging companies and brought back in house.

    Private providers will not want to take on traditional holistic practices but would love to take on huge ones like XXXXX (A big GP owned and run mega practice) where they would cherry pick the profitable work and leave the unprofitable work to the State just like what happens at the Independent sector treatment sectors run by companies like tax avoiding Care UK.

    There is NO cheaper way to run public sector type organisations (or transport and energy too) than by the state funded through fair and progressive taxation.

    In 1983 my second cousin, Sir Robin Ibbs, was asked to investigate the feasibility of introducing the private sector and market forces into public sector organisations by Margaret Thatcher- he produced a detailed analysis that showed categorically that it would never work because the ethos is wrong and the public sector should be fully centrally funded and run with all the profit being ploughed back into the organisation. Sadly he was sacked from her think tank, his report buried and Oliver Letwin wrote a very positive pamphlet for her instead.

    The only profit from Health or Education/social care etc funding, after reasonable staff salaries (which should not need them to rely on food banks or benefits), should be the healthy well educated person and the healthy well educated population.

    We need the Secretary of State for Health to actually have a duty to provide a health service as they used to before the awful 2012 Health and Social care act which we fought but failed to stop. This plan was not even in the Tory’s 2010 manifesto and similarly nor were awful cost cutting STPs.

    We also need the SoS for Health to be held to account for his lies about so many things. From the Junior doctors contract imposition, number of excess deaths at MidStaffs (1 in the Francis report not the 1400 Hunt popularised), the fictional “extra £10bn for the NHS by 2020” which does not exist (they are possibly putting in £4.2 bn NET but that is after removing about £40bn so far- even their MP who Chairs the Health Select Committee, Sarah Wollaston, has written to the Cabinet and Theresa May about these repeated and persistent lies).

    NHS spending as % of GDP will be about 6.7% next year. The lowest in the developed world and the lowest in the UK since records began in 1955. America spends about 17.5% of GDP with much worse outcomes (see the 2014 OECD report).
    Hunt also lies about the number of extra doctors he can get and has got so far. GP FTE numbers down by about 400 last year. He also lied only this week about the numbers of nurses- he said this had gone up by 15000 under his watch but it has actually gone DOWN 15000 with 10000 fewer people applying to be nurses due to the abolishment of their vital and fair Bursary so things will only get worse and MidStaffs will happen again and again.

    We have the one of the lowest numbers of doctors, nurses and hospital beds, per head of the population in the Developed world. (OECD data again).

    It is neither FAIR nor SAFE for patients or staff.

    Benefits need to be given with compassion and kindness. I see many patients distraught, hopeless, ground down and ill due to benefit cuts and sanctions and sadly a friend of a patient of mine killed themself, aged just 21, before Christmas 2016 because they had admitted to the Job Centre that they had done a few hours voluntary work one week so had their benefits stopped as “they were not making themself available for paid work” and then was switched to Universal credit which took 3 MONTHS to come through. They killed themself the night before they were going to be evicted telling my patient, who sadly did not suspect this person would kill themself, “How can I look for work when I am homeless, starving and cannot afford food?” Their money arrived 2 weeks later!
    Their local Tory MP Oliver Colvile has not given me a satisafactory reponse to my questions about the benefits system, mind you nor has my Tory very part-time MP Geoffrey Cox nor the DWP head MP Damian Green who laughed at the mild film “I, Daniel Blake”! The reality of life on benefits is much worse for people.

    The only study I have read about Universal Basic income- paid to everyone in society at a flat rate whether working, retired, looking for work or sick, showed that people gained their self respect back and were less likely to need health care, less likely to smoke or drink and take drugs, more likely to find work. This would improve GP workload as people would be happier and would be less worried about taking on unstable zero hours contracts or shifting from benefits into low paid work and people like me, who have enough money to live a dignified life, may all give our money to charity which would boost that sector.

    This would not be that expensive to administer. Remember that the WCA costs £144 million to run but only saves the Govt an estimated £125 million-a Government LOSS of £15 million and with these firms having bonuses of up to £700 million just announced it is even worse!

    Many people have died after being found fit for work (we can only estimate that is about 4000 due to DWP not keeping figures) and many thousands more have become mentally severely unwell (800,000 estimate one year).
    A study from Oxford this year showed that the unexplained spike in the mortality rate in 2015 in England and Wales (the first increase since 1970!) was partly due to Tory Austerity: cuts in Social and NHS funding which the researchers found had led to an estimated 30,000 of the deaths after allowing for ALL confounding variables. They comment that preliminary data for 2016 looks a lot worse. Still birth rates are higher, infant mortality higher, admission for malnutrition higher all since 2010 etcetc.

    All this is being done in the name of “sound fiscal management” and “Strong and Stable” Government. Yet the Tories have nearly TRIPLED the national debt to £1.5trillion which is now at 85% of GDP whereas the Labour Govt had actually turned the recession round by careful spending to protect growth and debt in 2010 stood at 65% of GDP (about £605 billion).
    Wages are now at their lowest level in years down 11% in real terms since 2010 when they were going up thanks to Labour after the effects of the Global Economic recession, which was caused by the Banks!
    Any financial growth now is based on an unprecedented level of private debt so if a global recession hit again we would have no strong manufacturing industry to pull us out. The Government have sold as much as possible of the profitable stuff to their mates or foreign states- ie Royal Mail, East Coast mainline, energy and transport companies. They were stopped by an outcry from selling off the profitable Land registry which nets the Government £100 million a year.

    So while this Government remains with its iron grip on the media and the country I will never commit to being a permanent or more full time GP again.

    I hope that gives them food for thought if you share any of it!

    Best wishes Charlotte

    • Thank you for this detailed account. It is brilliant! And a lot of this needs to be got out to the public (e.g. the myth of the Tories being strong on the economy) We’d be interested in publishing this as a guest blog if it could be edited down in some way. Call me (Mike) on 07891432224 if you’d like to discuss.

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