Media release – Bristol: Why the next parliament must introduce a new law to save the NHS

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May 15, 2017 by Protect Our NHS

Monday 15th May

Bristol-based campaign group, Protect Our NHS, is hosting an important public meeting on 18th May, The NHS Reinstatement Bill – Saving the NHS from May and Trump. Planned before the general election was announced this event at the Trinity Centre (Bristol) now takes on a very different complexion. [Download a poster here].

Campaigners across the country believe that this election will be critical in deciding the future of the NHS and all public services.

The ‘manifesto’ position of Protect Our NHS (PoNHS) is simple:  they want to see a properly funded NHS and the reversal of the privatisation, fragmentation and rationing of NHS services.  PoNHS says that, while it’s essential that people use their vote to save and re-build the health service, ONLY A CHANGE IN THE LAW CAN PREVENT THE DESTRUCTION OF THE NHS.

The meeting on the 18th May brings together a panel of national and local experts who will share their extensive knowledge and experience of the issues facing the NHS and explain why the proposed NHS Bill is the real long-term solution to the crisis facing the NHS.



Mike Campbell from PoNHS comments

“This is a crisis that is not caused by ‘abuse’ of the NHS by migrants, or health tourists, or the elderly, or over-weight smokers and drinkers. Conservative under-funding and the selling off of healthcare services are deliberate political policy decisions.

Many people don’t realise that the NHS is being dismantled and sold off bit by bit. That’s because the Government denies that it’s happening on a serious scale and because that famous blue NHS logo is still being used, even after privatisation.”

Campaigners across the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire region say the facts tell a different story.

Under the latest guise of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans, which will reduce health spend over the next 4 years by £305 million here in the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire region, imposed without public consultation and in defiance of local government resistance, the Government is accelerating the drive towards US-style healthcare.

PoNHS Coordinator and one of the meeting’s organisers, Mavis Zutshi, adds:

“Theresa May’s readiness to offer up the NHS to Donald Trump in the negotiations for a UK – US trade deal now makes perfect sense … we are already seeing the packaging up of local health services into marketable parcels that will be attractive to private health companies. Ironically, Manchester could find that its re-packaged health and care service goes to an American health care giant.”


The speakers at the public meeting are:

Peter Roderick (lawyer and co-author with Professor Allyson Pollock of the NHS Bill to fully re-instate a publicly-owned, publicly-funded and publicly-run Health Service)

Caroline Molloy (editor of Open Democracy and health activist involved in successful campaigns against hospital privatisation in Gloucestershire)

Dr.Rachel Grech (South Bristol GP, who featured in the YouTube film of ‘Three Biscuits and a Coffee‘: )

Tickets which are free are still available from:

For further information contact Mavis Zutshi at on 07713133457 or Mike Campbell on 07891432224


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