A letter from an #NHS worker to every voter, delivered through every letter box. Can we make this happen?


June 4, 2017 by Protect Our NHS


Dear Voter,

This is likely to be the most important General Election of your lifetime.

It should not just be about Brexit.

It should not be about the characters of our party leaders and what they may or may not have said and done in the past.

It should be about our country, the people who live in it and the institutions we need for its future to keep us healthy, safe and productive. The largest of these is the NHS.

Please think about this:

When you get ill or suffer injury you don’t have to check your bank account, insurance policy or think about selling your house to pay for it.

The administration systems of the NHS have been massively enlarged for one purpose – to create a system that is increasingly privately run.

Not long ago the NHS was admired as one of the most cost-efficient health systems and the fairest, with amongst the best outcomes, in the world.

It is now creaking under the strain – a strain that is not the fault of the staff or the patients but is being imposed from the top by the government. Not for sound financial reasons, which is what the government wants you to believe. But in blind obedience to the view that ‘private must somehow be better’. More and more doctors, nurses, paramedics and many others who work in the NHS can see this as they go about their daily work.

Please try and watch one or both of these short videos made by people who work in the NHS:



Your decision in this election, along with millions of others, will decide whether it stays OUR NHS much longer. Or whether it continues to degrade into a two-tier service: a ‘pay as you go’ privatised one for those with the ability to pay, a logo for large private health companies to hide behind; and an inferior ‘remnant’ for those who can’t and whose only choice is to stay ill and wait. Please decide carefully, and most of all please don’t stay at home and let others decide for you.

Yours sincerely,

An NHS worker on their way home from work today


One thought on “A letter from an #NHS worker to every voter, delivered through every letter box. Can we make this happen?

  1. nivekd says:

    Thank you!
    Posted on #DefendOurNHS Facebook page.
    In solidarity

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