PLEASE TWEET YOUR SUPPORT – JOIN OUR PROTEST 12:30 pm FRIDAY 31 MAY against #NHS privatisation by #Bristol #NorthSomerset and #SouthGloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group – demo o/s CCG HQ opp. Bristol Bearpit BS13NX

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May 28, 2019 by Protect Our NHS


JOIN OUR PROTEST 12:30 pm Fri 31 MAY against the Bristol, N Somerset and S Gloucestershire CCG selling off local NHS services to private companies … location opposite the Bear Pit, St James Barton roundabout, 17 Marlborough St, Bristol BS1 3NX

And a message to all our supporters follows:


A ten year  contract amounting to over £1 billion is about to awarded to provide these essential  health services, including those which focus on diabetes, learning disabilities and Parkinson’s disease among others.
We do not know who is bidding for this, it could be NHS services, community ventures or private companies like Virgin Care seeking to profit from ill health and support needs.

PROTECT OUR NHS Demonstration
12:30 – 2:00pm Friday 31st May 2019

outside the Bristol N Somerset and S Glos Clinical Commissioning Group HQ
17 Marlborough St, Bristol BS1 3NX

(just on the Stokes Croft side of the Bear Pit)

This is to draw attention to the secretive tendering of our Adult Community Health Services which is under way at present. Short listing was done in April this year, and we still do not know who the bidders are and the public have a right to know and should be told.

Please come along, with your own banner if you can, pointing out the secrecy involved, making it clear that is BNSSG CCG that is making these decisions in this building, asking who the bidders are, pointing up the danger of a privatisation of the service. We will have leaflets to hand out and our general PONHS banners and information…

… And a message to our supporters. Throughout our campaigning, the overarching issue has not changed: this government and its masters are still working hard, and often in secret, to underfund, fragment and privatise our National Health Service. 

Our current campaigns include: Stolen Treatments, the procurement for Adult Community Services, the defence of the rights of all to access services and the newly discovered decision to let the provision of mental health therapy services to a commercial firm (Vita Health, who have specialised so far in physiotherapy!), whilst maintaining our street presence through our stalls.

About a year ago we wrote to our supporters who for whatever good reason were not able to give time to our campaigning, but who gave us some money to support the work in that way. Your responses have allowed us to get to this point and have a small working capital too.

So, whilst we would not want any of you to stop supporting the campaign financially, we have a different request for you today: we need some more people to contribute their time if we are going to continue working on the areas already under way and to expand into publicising and working on other relevant issues.

If you have had a hands on/feet on the ground involvement with us in the past and taken a break, please consider coming back and putting some time and energy into one of our areas of work again. If you’ve held back from a direct contribution for whatever reason please would you consider making the move into a more active role in an area that appeals to you. A lack of campaigning experience need not exclude you; we all started somewhere and there are experienced people active in the group more than willing to show you what’s being done and to support you in starting out to do it too.

We could do with some help in all of the areas mentioned above; we could also do with some help in monitoring our local combined Clinical Commissioning Group which now covers North Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire. This would involve joining the small group of us who go to their meetings when possible, monitor their web presence, write to them for information and keep in touch with other groups doing the same in other areas of the country. We could also do with some help/inspiration in attracting younger members.
So please give this some thought and join us in one or more of these actions if you feel at all able.

We meet , as ever, at 7.15 – 8.45 on the first and third Tuesday of the month in our new home at Tony Benn House, Victoria St, Bristol, BS1 6AY.
More immediately, a great place to start is the demo next Friday:

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“That’s the standard technique of privatization: defund, make sure things don’t work, people get angry, you hand it over to private capital.” Noam Chomsky

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